How grants work

Finding and accessing funding often seems a complicated and difficult process. It shouldn't be. GrantReady has developed a practical model incorporating the four steps to grant success:

1. Grant Awareness

Understand how grants work. This is the key to long term success!

2. Grant Strategy

You need a strategy to find grants that are right for your organisation. You need to be eligible, 
have a good chance of success, know when to apply and invest in the application process.

3. Grant Writing
It's not rocket science, but a certain amount of skill and experience certainly helps.
You need to describe your Business and activities in a clear, comprehensive and consistent manner,
and make a convincing case about why you should receive funding.
4. Ongoing Reporting

Once you've received a grant, there's more work to do, with ongoing reports and audits often required.
Reliable and accurate reporting may well increase your chances for future funding.