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Want the riches of China without the downside?

Have you heard any disaster stories of Australian business trying to enter the China market? We sure have.

In fact, it’s kept many businesses away from realising growth and the benefits of expanding into the market.

We regularly meet companies that are too afraid to take the plunge. We hear stories where negotiation begins but never seems to conclude, with the Australian entity feeling like they are left hanging not knowing why. For example, one deal we discovered had 12 middlemen, not to mention problems with IP. Compounding these issues we also find much of the cultural understanding we see promoted is outdated and no longer relevant.

Fortunately, The Victorian State Government has been stepping in to help business move in the right direction. The Boost Your Business Voucher program has appointed service providers to deliver structured support to assist in entering China and more broadly, the Asian market.

We have people here, and in China

Through our local team, based in Guangzhou, China, we are able to offer assistance to help you access the benefits of this market, without uncertainty and fear. The team comprises of local Chinese experts, based in China, along with Australian born, Chinese speaking staff.  They have long term success commercialising new products and services into the local market.

We are an approved service provider

We can help you with your Boost Your Business grant application and also assist with:

  1. Assessing market readiness.
  2. Providing training and knowledge to succeed in the Chinese environment.
  3. Strategy development.
  4. On the ground implementation and support.

We also have access to buyers, government and investors.

How much money is on offer?

Funding from the Victorian government is up to $50,000 and must be matched, dollar for dollar. Boost Your Business: Asia Gateway Voucher Stream

Applications close Sunday 22nd December

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