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The GrantReady difference

GrantReady is a well-established team with a long history of assisting companies to access the R&D Tax Incentive. All our team has industry experience in the fields of science and technology, as well as top end advisory experience in tax and law. As a registered tax agent, we are approved and legally allowed to provide assistance. Rest assured, we only do R&D claims, no other tax advisory work.  

Before we start a claim, we ensure the client is eligible by assessing their eligibility, which includes a free assessment of their: 

  • Core and supporting R&D activities
  • Expenditure eligibility
  • Company structure
  • R&D planning and documentation

 If you’d feel more comfortable to meet us first – we’d love to! Let’s have a quick chat so you are comfortable with us and our process. 


Too Busy?

If you are too busy and just want to send a client over to us for a free assessment, please just use our automated email Introducing GrantReady”, to connect your client to us. Our process keeps you in control, while making it quick and easy to provide the support they need.  

Open an email template using the button below to send your client an email to refer them to us.