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R&D Tax Incentive

We work with hundreds of companies to lodge their R&D Claim each year. Our approach is to cut through the complexity and to take the pain out of the process.

Some businesses try to complete the R&D tax incentive claim themselves, but it’s very time consuming and easy to miss out on money by failing to claim all eligible activities.

We know you want the maximum benefit while remaining compliant with the legislation, so we work with you to provide strong support and substantiation for each claim.

Seeking professional assistance from GrantReady frees up your time, and gives you the assurance of a maximised, fully compliant claim. GrantReady is a Registered Tax Agent, approved to help you with this tax-based program.

Free Consultation

We are pleased to offer a consultation and to explain R&D, at no cost, if you are eligible. Where ever you are in Australia, we are ready to help.

Please complete the quick 1 minute questionnaire below to check your eligibility.  At the end of the questionnaire you will know if you’re eligible or not and we will be in touch with you.

If you want to learn more before speaking with us, you can also read through our R&D Tax Incentive Brochure to better understand eligibility requirements and the benefits that you could be entitled to.

Expenditure Eligibility